The Public Health Consulting Group

What We Do

We specialize in all facets of the public health practice spectrum. We are equipped to help you develop your program, project, or research idea. We will facilitate the design, implementation, and evaluation of your program. Our broad and proven skill set is what your organization needs to acquire grant funding, build your network, and design programs that will have profound impact.

Our Expertise

Consultants at The Public Health Consulting Group delivers expert advice and guidance that is based on over a decade of experience in all facets of public health in diverse populations and settings. Together, we have worked in the community, secondary schools, higher learning institutions, and clinical environments


Through our blogs, we offer a glimpse into the elements that guide public health practice. We provide our potential clients with practical considerations that are needed when developing and designing programs for human beings, each who have an inherent right to a suitable quality of life.

   Integrating Elements with Innovation