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Friend or Foe?

The truth is telling. We find that in life, people share a little bit about themselves in every interaction. The brain’s ability to select what information to retain and what details to let go compromises our ability to predict the behavior of people that we routinely encounter. Patterns. Patterns have similarities, yet are not identical.…
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Transforming the public health field to produce the fruit of change

Stagnation. Stale and old adage. The same story. These terms and phrases signify boredom, complacency, and disinterest. The American story on the need for health equity in the face of health disparities has been told and retold for decades. Racial and ethnic minorities bear the burden of health disparities across a broad spectrum of health.…
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Evolution of the Modern Woman

The modern woman. Who exactly is she? She multi-tasks like no other. Her work is not effortless. Instead it is taxing. Perfection is her standard. With this standard, failure becomes her consistent experience. She was raised by the traditional woman. The submissive woman. The woman who caters to her man consistently. Ensures that he has…
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Thriving in the absence of sound leadership

A good leader is smart, capable, and has impressive foresight. The presence of a good leader becomes obvious when companies, grow, flourish, and adapt to unpredictable and unprecedented changes. When singing the praises of a good leader, it is important to respect and recognize that good leaders are well sought and vigorously pursued by competitors…
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Below The Surface

Truth. A five letter word. Yet so difficult to master or to understand. The simplest of concepts are sometimes those that are most challenging to comprehend. A simple google search tells us that truth is ‘that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality’. I don’t know about you, but I recall in…
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The condition of a human being is a physical and tangible expression of emotion, spirit, mentality, and physicality. Together with this physical expression, there is an intangible expression of character, existence, emotion, and feelings that we do not physically see. A person’s growth, experiences, and belief influences the very essence of their ‘condition’ as a…
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Exploring the root causes of health disparities among key populations

A glimpse into the diversity of culture and society

What does public health have to do with me?

What does public health have to do with me? Self-centered. Ego-centric. Narcissistic. These are terms that describe the 2017 culture. Social media. This platform has gained the power of publicly displaying the lives of individuals and their networks. For young people growing up in this age, their self-worth, popularity, and social capital is defined by…
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