Evolution of the Modern Woman

The modern woman. Who exactly is she? She multi-tasks like no other. Her work is not effortless. Instead it is taxing. Perfection is her standard. With this standard, failure becomes her consistent experience.

She was raised by the traditional woman. The submissive woman. The woman who caters to her man consistently. Ensures that he has a hot plate on the table when he comes home. She has no autonomy over her body and is conditioned to submit to his will, beit sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual or otherwise. She bends. Her flexibility knows no bounds. This traditional woman is of the ‘you don’t want to be an old maid’ age. The expectation of women then was to get married and raise a family. Her definition in this life came from performing excellent at those two roles. She works, but her job is not a career. Her family is her career.

HOWEVER… her fruit, her daughters, and daughters of her community are quite different. This crop of women have discovered their VOICE! They have discovered empowerment. They are now career women who unabashedly climb the ladders, breaking through glass ceilings and defying stereotypes. These women demonstrate capabilities that surpass perceived gender limitations.

So, in her strength, how does she, the modern woman, find balance? She is… God’s Child. Wife. Mother. Daughter. Aunt. Godmother. Cousin. Friend. Supervisor. Entrepeneur. Doctor. Attorney. Engineer. Sorority Sister. Community Servant. Innovator. Advocate. PTO leader. Church ministry leader.

With all of these roles, how long can she thrive?

The answer is Self Care.

Self care is a must. It is NOT selfish. It is a need. Self care is the healthy passage way to moving beyond survival to thriving. Self care is a public health prevention method that the modern woman must operationalize in order to effectively fulfill the roles and responsibilities that are now her own.

Reading. Massage Therapy. A psychological therapist. Travel. Journaling. These are few self care techniques. Find your niche method. Recommend a few to the modern women in your life. Take care of yourself. Your village is depending on you to set the example of self care. Show them.

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