Transforming the public health field to produce the fruit of change

Stagnation. Stale and old adage. The same story. These terms and phrases signify boredom, complacency, and disinterest. The American story on the need for health equity in the face of health disparities has been told and retold for decades. Racial and ethnic minorities bear the burden of health disparities across a broad spectrum of health. This societal norm, although widely and publicly refuted, remains acceptable at the population level. Why? Because, in America, the weighted life value on minorities (i.e. racial, gender, sexual orientation) is less than majorities. This truth is substantiated across measures that include health conditions, access to healthcare, socioeconomic status, household income, education, among others.

Unlike most fact-based truths, this truth CAN be changed.

Change is the universal motivator. When the human condition grows weary and fatigue, the potential, opportunity, and possibility of change is often sufficient to keep us moving forward. Health equity in America is a real possibility. Actualization of this possibility requires a collective effort by policy makers, public health practitioners, clinicians, community change agents, activists, educators, parents, and everyone who is connected to anyone.

Humanity is the great unifier. Unity is the supreme powerhouse. When we, as Americans, make the decision to abandon division and embrace unity, everyone and anyone will win.

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